Rainn Wilson Wants Fans Of ‘The Office’ To ‘Cool It With’ This 1 Hilarious Prank

Rainn Wilson doesn’t want to get beet down by a total Dwightmare.

Last week, the actor, who famously played Dwight Schrute on the American version of “The Office,” posted a very funny photo to Instagram. The “Lessons in Chemistry” actor, who was staying in a hotel in Florence, Italy, ordered room service — and it seems like someone on the hotel’s kitchen staff is a pretty big fan of his former sitcom.

The photo shows a table brimming with food — including red gelatin, which is encasing Wilson’s silverware.

The gag is a reference to the 2005 pilot episode of “The Office,” in which Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) pranks his co-worker Dwight by trapping his stapler in the same wiggly treat.

Wilson told People over the weekend that he hopes fans don’t get too carried away with this particular joke.

“My fear is that I won’t be able to go anywhere without stuff being put in Jell-O,” Wilson said.

“I’ll go valet park, and then my car keys will be in Jell-O. And I’ll go to a baseball game, and the baseball will be in Jell-O. And the list goes on and on. So I hope people cool it with the Jell-O jokes. That’s all. Unless it’s edible. I will eat my weight in Jell-O,” he cracked.

Wilson, however, is not averse to fans expressing to him how much they appreciated his performance in “The Office.” 

Rainn Wilson attends a gala for the Acting Company in 2023.
Rainn Wilson attends a gala for the Acting Company in 2023. Arturo Holmes via Getty Images

In January, he shared a sweet note on Instagram that a fan wrote him on a napkin and dropped on his lap without him noticing during a flight.

“The Office got me through some of the darkest days of my life,” the note read. “I can’t thank you enough for that.”

The message was signed “Melanie,” followed by “Alaska flight attendant” in parentheses.

“So humbled to be a part of a show that affected, touched, comforted and inspired,” Wilson wrote in the caption. “And continues to do so! It’s so fucking rare.”