Raining Cats and Dogs? Feline Sticks Paw Out to Check Weather

A Londoner filmed her cat on August 25, as the feline carefully put its paw through the cat flap to check the weather.

Lucy Watson told Storyful that Hector the cat has a habit of sticking its paw out before deciding whether or not to come out. In the morning of August 25, it had been raining heavily, Watson said, and Hector didn’t venture outside the home.

“He loves being outside, so he gets quite annoyed when it’s raining. He keeps meowing angrily at me and spends the whole time sat by the cat flap, poking his paw or head out.”

Sometimes, she added, Hector will risk going outside despite the warning, but runs back in moment later, meowing louder than ever.

“I get the impression he thinks it’s my fault,” Watson said.

Twitter users were quick to comment under the post, sharing pictures of their own pets displaying a similar attitude. Credit: Lucy Watson via Storyful

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