Rainie Yang hosts spring banquet for her employees

14 Feb – Despite the threat of the Novel Coronavirus, Rainie Yang continued on with her annual spring banquet to celebrate the many employees of her company, Tree & Skyline Entertainment.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Taiwanese singer who hosted the banquet admitted that it has always been tiring work trying to organise the annual event, as there are so many things for her to do.

"But seeing how everybody is happy after working so hard, I feel very satisfied. Every year, I take this opportunity to thank everybody who helped me," she said.

Rainie added that the annual spring banquet is more important than even her birthday or any holiday.

When asked of her plans for 2020, seeing as this year marks her 20th anniversary in showbiz, the singer said that she and her company have already started some plans that will enable her to break out from her comfort zone.

"But we can't disclose the plan just yet. At the age of 35, I want to do something that I have never been familiar with. It will take courage, and my goal is to see it completed this year. Please look forward to it!" she enthused.

(Photo Source: Rainie Yang Instagram)