Rain Li rarely sees husband due to busy schedule

13 Aug – Hong Kong singer-actress Rain Li recently revealed that she and husband Eric Huang rarely get to see each other due to their busy careers.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who announced her marriage to the Chinese businessman on Valentine's Day this year, shared that they are often separated since Eric is working in mainland China, while she is focusing on her career in Hong Kong.

However, Rain stated that she did fly to Shenyang on Qixi Festival to celebrate the day with her husband.

Asked if she was fine being away from her husband most of the time, Rain said that she liked it better.

"If we saw each other every day, we wouldn't feel as intensely about each other as we do now," she added.

As to whether she ever worried that Eric would cheat on her due to the fact that they rarely see each other, Rain said that all they could do is trust one another.

"You can't prevent such a thing if it were to happen. I could watch him every day and he would still cheat on me if that's what he intends to do. Worrying about it will only add unnecessary pressure and worsen our relationship," she said.

(Photo Source: Rain Li Instagram)