Rain Li hopes to find new love so she can become a mother

22 Feb - Rain Li recently revealed that she has no exact conditions when it comes to finding a partner, despite her previous divorce from non-showbiz husband, Eric Huang.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, whose marriage ended back in 2020 not two years after she tied the knot with the entrepreneur, said that her ex-husband might not have understood her line of work very well and how it was inevitable for her to interact and take photos with the opposite sex.

Asked if she would start dating someone from the entertainment industry instead, Rain responded, "It's strange. All the people I dated are outsiders. There are suitors now, but they are not suitable. I have no condition for choosing a spouse. The most important thing is that we can communicate and share similar hobbies. We can travel, ski, and watch movies together."

Rain also stated that she loves children and would love to become a mother.

Asked if she is more anxious about her biological clock now that she is 40, the actress said that she hopes a great guy will soon appear to realise her dream of becoming a mother.

"But it all depends on God's will. Last year, I started adopting a puppy, Creamy. It made me feel more maternal," she added.

The singer adopted a puppy she called Creamy last year
The singer adopted a puppy she called Creamy last year

(Photo Source: Rain Li IG, Mingpao)