Railing Collapses as Eagles Quarterback Jalen Hurts Exits FedEx Field

A railing on a spectator stand at Maryland’s FedEx Field collapsed on January 2 as Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was exiting the field following his team’s 20-16 win against the Washington Football Team.

This video by Brittni Gant shows Hurts walking down the locker room tunnel when the railing gives way, sending fans tumbling into his path. Hurts helps some of the fans up and poses for photos briefly before continuing down the tunnel.

Citing a Washington Football Team official, ESPN reported the stand the fans fell from was designed for disabled spectators and could accommodate up to six people in wheelchairs and a further six companions. The official said the railing, which was not load-bearing, buckled after Eagles fans rushed onto the stand after the game. Credit: Brittni Gant via Storyful

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