Rahul accuses government of `failed lockdown'

New Delhi [India], June 5 (ANI): Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday targeted the government by citing data over the way it had gone for "unlock" phase when coronavirus cases were rising in the country.

"This is what a failed lockdown looks like," he said in a tweet.

Gandhi attached graphs with the tweet and cited media reports, Oxford University data and that of AICC Data Department which show that India imposed a lockdown when daily new COVID-19 cases were between 0-1000.

According to the graphical description shared by the Congress leader, the unlock phase was initiated in the country when the daily new cases were around 8,000. The data showed that in the subsequent days, the daily new cases have risen to between 9,000-10,000.

Another graph showed that in Spain the lockdown was imposed when daily new cases were between 1,000-2,000. After peaking to around 9,000 cases per day in the middle phase of the lockdown, the unlock was initiated when daily new cases fell down again to 1,000-2,000 cases per day. Data showed that cases fell down to lower levels in the subsequent days in Spain.

The data shared by the Congress leader showed a similar pattern in Germany, Italy and the UK with different magnitudes for the lockdown-unlock scenarios.

India registered its highest spike in COVID-19 cases with 9,851 more cases on Friday and 273 deaths reported in the last 24 hours. The total number of cases reached 2,26,770 including 1,10,960 active cases, said the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. (ANI)