Rafidah: 'Ranks for sale' claim highlights need to reset national compass

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Rafidah: 'Ranks for sale' claim highlights need to reset national compass
Rafidah: 'Ranks for sale' claim highlights need to reset national compass

The allegation that a police officer had sought to purchase a "promotion" is just another indication that the nation is heading south, according to Rafidah Aziz.

“Things are getting worse with almost daily reports of bribery and corruption at any level and in any sphere.

“Clearly, these are no longer aberrations in society but have become ingrained into many areas of our culture and societal norms,” she told Malaysiakini this afternoon.

The former minister said the culture has become tainted with the use of "incentives", "inducements" and "payoffs" to achieve what is desired.

“Political support and votes, contracts and projects in whatever area or sector, to get whatever positions and titles.

“It is very worrying when money and other bribes grease the machinations of decision making,” she added.

Rafidah (above) stressed that it is no longer a "fight against corruption" per se but an “all-out campaign against the insatiable greed of humans in our society”.

“We have to work effectively, to correct and reset the national compass which is clearly going awry with corruption in its many facets, eroding good values and principles.

“The resilience and sustainability of socio-economic development of our nation depend upon how we can expeditiously eradicate corruption in its many forms and the nurturing of good values within society,” she added.

Death threat

On Tuesday, Malaysiakini reported that a senior police officer is being investigated for threatening to murder a woman.

The woman had claimed that she had lent RM100,000 to the deputy superintendent in order for the latter to buy his promotion to superintendent.

Following this, former law minister Zaid Ibrahim and DAP lawmaker Charles Santiago called for the police force to be revamped.

Charles also stressed the need to establish an effective oversight mechanism.

“We need the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) to be set up without delay and not any other watered-down version.

“The prime minister has promised wide-ranging reforms. So I urge him to immediately look into putting together a group of experts to form the IPCMC,” he added.

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