Radio 2 DJ Scott Mills misses holiday after getting locked in car for five hours

Scott Mills has revealed that he had to cancel a holiday after being locked in his electric car for five hours.

The BBC Radio 2 DJ shared the unfortunate anecdote with listeners during Monday’s (27 February) instalment of his radio show.

Mills had set off on Friday, with his fiancé, Sam Vaughan, intending to spend the weekend together in Amsterdam.

However, a flat car battery meant that Mills and Vaughan were stuck inside his car near the BBC’s Wogan House studios.

“I’ve had quite the weekend,” he said. “I said goodbye to you on Friday. Me and Sam agreed to head to the airport in my electric car at 4pm. Flight is at 8pm.

“Get in the car. Car doesn’t start. In fact, nothing works. I go to get out of the car. I can’t get out. Sam tries his door. Nothing. Also cannot leave the car.”

According to Mills, he had charged the car’s main battery beforehand, but had allowed a secondary battery to run empty.

“So we are locked in the car outside Wogan House for five hours until the recovery people arrived and towed it away,” he recalled.

The DJ added that one of the car windows had been open when the battery died, and Vaughan was able to “squeeze out and find a loo”.

“Missed the flight, didn’t go,” he concluded. “If you want to laugh, please go right ahead because everyone I’ve told the story so far has.”

Last week, Radio 2 announced Ken Bruce’s replacement, a month after the veteran DJ revealed he was leaving the station.

Speaking about his appointment to the role, Vernon Kay said: “I’m absolutely over the moon to be handed the microphone to present the mid-morning show on Radio 2, and what an honour to follow in the footsteps of the mighty Ken Bruce.”