Rachel Maddow Shows Donald Trump’s Shift From 'Incoherent' To 'Pornographically Violent'

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Tuesday slammed Donald Trump, saying the former president is now “really, really, frequently incoherent.”

“And when he’s not incoherent, he’s speaking in terms that are pornographically violent when he is trying to rile up his audience,” Maddow told network colleague Nicolle Wallace on the latter’s “Deadline: White House” show.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee “speaks in ways that I think would be shocking to a lot of the public if people could stand to listen to him for longer than they do and if news organizations could responsibly broadcast him more than we do, but we responsibly often can’t because of the lies and threats that he’s floating,” Maddow noted.

Talking about Trump’s ramblings on sharks and electrocution during a campaign rally in Las Vegas last weekend, Maddow said he’ll now double down on them and Republicans will fall in line.

It’s “hilarious as it is scary,” she said.