Rachel Maddow Chokes Up as She Breaks Down Connections Between ‘Bleeding, Ragged Right-Wing’ Politics and Mass Violence (Video)

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow struggled a bit on Monday night to keep calm on-air, as she broke down the “apparent connections” between the country’s latest mass shooting, the last several that have preceded it and right-wing political messaging.

In the days following the mass shooting in Allen, Texas that left eight dead, it has been revealed that the shooter appears to have been a white supremacist, who frequently posted neo-Nazi content on social media. Of course, Maddow immediately pointed out that more and more shootings as of late have been racially motivated, most commonly carried out by white supremacists.

“All of these things have the same smell right?” Maddow said. “They don’t just happen to be connected in the news right now, they’re connected.”

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But the host also had an idea as to why they’re all connected, and how these beliefs are spreading.

“In a nation recoiling, and ashamed, and disgusted,” Maddow said, needing to pause several times to keep her composure, “There’s also these apparent connections, right, between this bleeding, ragged right-wing mass violence and the bleeding ragged right-wing edge of politics. The most mainstream possible electoral Republican politics, the most mainstream, most successful right-wing media as well.”

More specifically, Maddow turned her ire to twice-impeached-once-indicted former president Donald Trump, criticizing him and his team for the people they are not simply allowing into their events, but welcoming with open arms.

“They’re inviting literal “Hitler was right” outspoken anti-Semites, putting Stars of David Jewish stars on the heads of their enemies, telling people ‘That’s who we need to be going after, just the way Hitler’ — they’re inviting people like that to their events with the highest ranking former officials of their government,” Maddow said angrily.

“And it’s all happening while that former president is running for president again,” she added. “And it’s happening amid this unrelenting wave of white supremacist-motivated mass murderer.”

You can watch the full segment from “The Rachel Maddow Show” in the video above.

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