Rachel Brosnahan Recalls Sneaking Off to a Pokémon Go Raid in Full “Mrs. Maisel” Costume (Exclusive)

The actress shared her appreciation for the game at a New York City celebration

Amazon Studios Rachel Brosnahan filming The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Amazon Studios Rachel Brosnahan filming The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Rachel Brosnahan shares what it was like sneaking off the set of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in costume to play Pokémon Go with other fans in Times Square

  • The Superman actress tells PEOPLE how traveling as she films has kept her engaged in the game throughout the years

  • Brosnahan has been playing Pokémon Go since its debut on her birthday in 2016

Rachel Brosnahan's career has taken her to many interesting places — sometimes without leaving a set.

The actress caught up with PEOPLE at the Pokémon Go Fest event on Randalls Island in New York City on Saturday, July 6. There, she explained her long history with and deep appreciation for the game, which allows players to catch the beloved anime characters in real-world surroundings.

"The game came out on my birthday in 2016, and I had what can only be described as the plague," the Superman actress, 33, tells PEOPLE.

"I was completely bedridden for like 10 days. I'm really bored and I heard a friend was playing, so I downloaded the game. And you could lure Pokémon to you, so I lured a lot of Pokémon to my bed over the course of 10 days."

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Once she felt better, Brosnahan found, "It became a good excuse to go outside, to make it to the next Pokéstop or the gym. So I kept playing and then, especially early in the game, you could advance pretty far if you were traveling."

"Since I travel a lot for work, there were a lot of opportunities to catch Pokémon in other countries that you couldn't get anywhere else and so it kept me engaged," she adds.

While she's played "on and off over the years," Brosnahan is a level 42 trainer, putting her in the top 15% of players globally. The actress credits long days on set for keeping her on top of her game.

<p>Dave Kotinsky/Getty</p> Rachel Brosnahan attends Pokemon GO Fest 2024

Dave Kotinsky/Getty

Rachel Brosnahan attends Pokemon GO Fest 2024

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"There's a lot of hurry up and wait on set, right? So there was a lot of time to kill and because we were moving around a lot, there were many opportunities to keep the game fresh," she says.

"Everywhere I've gone, I've discovered people who still play. So even if I've stopped for awhile, somebody will be playing and then I'll pick it back up again. The game has also kept evolving over time and so there's been a lot of new stuff to experience."

Brosnahan admits to having snuck off set to play, recalling a time she and a security guard trailed off to Times Square while filming The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

"I think during the second season of Maisel, one of our security guards played. So he and I, while we were shooting near Times Square, snuck off in costume and did a raid together," she says with a laugh.

<p>Dave Kotinsky/Getty</p> Rachel Brosnahan poses with Pikachu at Pokemon GO Fest 2024

Dave Kotinsky/Getty

Rachel Brosnahan poses with Pikachu at Pokemon GO Fest 2024

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"It was hard to miss me in my corset, hat and gloves playing Pokémon Go in Times Square. We felt so bad, but it was really fun and a nice way for us to bond."

She continues, "It turned out a bunch of our crew played, so I felt like we all traveled in a pack and played together wherever we went over the course of that season. It was kind of a core memory. It was really fun."

These days, Brosnahan is traveling and training with her buddy Pokémon, Meltan. "I've been trying to evolve this thing for what feels like my lifetime," she laughs. "It's taking forever but we're we're walking together."

The devoted trainer also shares which Pokémon in her collection are among her favorite.

"I have a shiny Mewtwo that I love. [It was] hard fought, that one. I love Eevvee. They're so cute and there are so many different evolutions. And when I was a kid and the game was just on Game Boy, Charmander was always the Pokémon I started with. So I'd have to with an OG as well."

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Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images Rachel Brosnahan filming The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images Rachel Brosnahan filming The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Brosnahan says that by speaking out on her experiences with gaming and Pokémon in particular, she's been able to connect with fans.

"It's been really cool. The world has gone through so much over the lifetime of this game. And there's nothing to do in it but the things that bring you joy," she notes. "So it's been really nice to connect with people, especially today, to look around and see all these people who are just finding joy in this game and in the community around it. I feel very lucky to be a small part of that large community."

Brosnahan has a few more weeks left of filming her latest project, Superman, before she's able to shift gears for the remainder of the summer. But she's excited for audiences to see the finished product next year.

"We know that we have really big shoes to fill, and we've been very inspired by so many of the other actors who have played these iconic characters. I speak for myself with the rest of the cast, too. And we're excited to try to fill those shoes and then make our own mark, too," she shares of playing Lois Lane alongside David Corenswet's Clark Kent.

Of fans of the beloved franchise, she adds, "I hope they're entertained. I hope they feel like we've been a great addition to the canon."

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