Raccoon Attacks Philadelphia Man

A Pennsylvania man taking video of adorable raccoon kits in a Philadelphia alley ended up in a hospital after an adult raccoon suddenly charged at and bit him.

Benjamin McCool, who recorded this footage on July 2, told Storyful he began to film when he spotted raccoon kits climbing up a fence and “dropping one by one and running into the alley.”

“They’re like acrobats right now,” says McCool in the video.

Little did he know, another raccoon was lurking in the shadows. The masked bandit charged at McCool and gave him a nasty bite on his leg. “She came so fast we could barely react,” he told Storyful.

The video then shows McCool on a hospital bed after the attack, being injected with rabies immunoglobulin as a precaution.

McCool adds at the end of the video that he had to go back for several additional shots. Credit: Benjamin McCool via Storyful

Video transcript

- I think they're really cute. I know they're, like, problems. They're so cute.

- They're like acrobats right now.

- Oh!

- Oh! Not that one.

- Oh, [MUTED].

- Oh, [MUTED].

- They are little--

- OK, [MUTED].

- --robbers, huh?

- They are. That one, look at that one. He's like--

- Look at this one.

- --I know you see me.

- Hang in there.

- Yeah.


Oh my god! He bit me! He bit me! He bit me!

- It is relevant. I would hit it with some soap and water when you get home. You can put it in there. I'm just going to do a little shallow angle.

- Yeah, just [INAUDIBLE]. Ugh!

- Sorry.

- Sorry.

- Ugh!

OK, so a lot of people have actually been asking me for an update on the shots that I've been getting. So the night of the attack, I had to get a tetanus shot and a rabies vaccine shot in my arm. And the shot you saw in the video around my leg, around the wound, was the rabies immunoglobulin shots. But I am now back to continue to get-- I have to get another rabies vaccine shot today, a week from now, and two weeks after that. So yeah, it's quite the journey.

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