Rémy Martin Malaysia Partners With 4 Bars To Serve Up Cocktails This CNY 2022

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remy martin cocktails
remy martin cocktails

Looking for some CNY cocktails? Whether you're travelling up to Penang, down to Johor, or just staying put in KL, we've got you fixed thanks to Rémy Martin Malaysia.

Enjoy some CNY cocktails and celebrate Lunar New Year in a celestial style with a stunningly immersive experience as Rémy Martin works alongside Three X Co, G-String (Kuala Lumpur), Backdoor Bodega (Penang) and Kingsman (Johor) by transforming these bars to not only exude Oriental vibes but also adding the iconic Centaur, the half man, half horse that has graced the label of this famous Cognac since 1870. Personifying strength, courage, creativity and wisdom — the values of the House of Rémy Martin since its birth 300 years ago — specially concocted signature cocktails have been created for you to raise a toast this lunar year.

Rémy Cointreau Malaysia has something for the cognac, gin and whisky lover with a touch of local twist keeping with tradition. Here's a list of the CNY cocktails to look out for when visiting these bars:

Three X Co (Kuala Lumpur)

YooHoo Prosperitea: Giving the unpeated, floral, complex Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie whisky a creative twist, the YooHoo Prosperitea is created with the bar’s very own Prosperitea topped with Red Vermouth and finished off with Bak Kwa as a finale.

Fortune “Ong Lai: A unique blend to the iconic Rémy Martin VSOP, with lucky peach, brown butter sugar with egg yolk alongside five different spices fashioned with a pineapple tart to finish it off.

Woohoo Joy Luck: With the artisanal Islay gin, The Botanist, this cocktail is concocted with Cointreau, lucky pear, passion fruit, mandarin orange and Oolong foam.

G-String (Kuala Lumpur)

French Pony: This sensuous cocktail is made from Rémy Martin VSOP conceived with sour rhubarb, soursop and lychee syrup.

Melon Fist: This fruity cocktail is created with Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie, Cointreau and cantaloupe.

Island Boi: The flavourful cocktail with the base being Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie is made with Cointreau, Drambuie and brown sugar.

Tiger Loop: The Botanist is given a twist with elderflower, umeshu and yuzu.

Picolo: Mixed with chartreuse, Cointreau and Osmanthus syrup with The Botanist as its base.

Flying Pussy Cat: With Rémy Martin VSOP, this quirky yet intoxicating cocktail is created with Cointreau, red wine and finished with red dragon fruit.

Backdoor Bodega (Penang)

Kam Kam A-Go-Go: This one of its kind cocktail with the base being Rémy Martin VSOP is uniquely created with Cointreau, mandarin peel, yuzu and topped with a citric solution.

Laddie Da Di: A carefree fun cocktail with Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie is created with goji, sour plums and blended with lime.

Gong Xi Gimlet: This simple Botanist cocktail is prepared with keat poh, pineapple and a lime blend.

Kingsman (Johor Bahru)

A host of exciting drinks await with CNY cocktails like the Cognac Julep using Rémy Martin VSOP, Kingsman Royal, Botanist Berry using The Botanist gin, Between The Legs, Side Chik, Kingsman Style and The Vikings.

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