Quick-thinking driver dodges tree that falls down into road

A quick-thinking driver swerved out of the way of a tree that fell into the road.

Pramorn Thiensupoj was driving along the rural dual carriageway when the accident happened in Rayong, eastern Thailand on June 20.

With clear skies and nothing more than a light breeze, the road seemed free from any hazards.

However, the large branch is believed to have been weakened from recent storms and fell from a tree.

Pramorn had just seconds to react after seeing the green leaves slam into the road and he quickly swerved into the lane on the left to avoid an accident.

The shaken motorist said: "I've now realised how easy it can be for accidents to occur anywhere and any time. If I had not reacted so quickly, I cannot bare to imagine the terrible crash that would have happened.''