Quick-Thinking Attendant Thwarts Alleged Would-Be Florida School Bus Thief

A quick-thinking attendant managed to prevent a 22-year-old man from allegedly trying to steal a school bus in Osceola County, Florida, surveillance footage from inside the vehicle shows.

Footage shared by Osceola County School District shows the moment the suspect, identified by police as 22-year-old Kenal Bryan, jumps into the drivers seat of a school bus while it was parked at a gas station.

The bus attendant, who wished to be unnamed, said they had been cleaning the bus when a man who was not the driver jumped in.

“There’s nothing I can do because I’m already on the bus so I have to try to come out because those people always have a gun,” the attendant told the school district.

The footage then shows how the quick-thinking attendant manages to push the parking brake on the dashboard, making Bryan unable to start the bus. Armed deputies appear shortly thereafter.

Local media reported that Bryan was arrested. His charges included grand theft auto and burglary while armed, the report added. Credit: Osceola County School District via Storyful

Video transcript

- One of our bus attendants found herself in a scary situation on Monday.

- After we dropped off the kids, my driver has to use the restroom quickly, and then we just stopped at the RaceTrac. And then I tried to clean the bus. When I tried to clean the bus, I saw somebody jump in the bus very hard. I said, this cannot be my driver because she doesn't have so much power like that.

- Our attendant was sweeping right here when the man boarded the bus.

- There's nothing I can do because I'm already on the bus, so I have to try to come out. Because those people, they always have a gun.

- She acted quickly, remembering an important fact from her training.

- He cannot start the bus right away if I push the brake.

- The man was trapped.

- The police tried to help me out.

- Our attendant, who chose not to be recognized for her bravery, is now warning fellow drivers and attendants to practice safety.

- Always look around, too. Because you don't know what's happening around you.

- She says from now on, she'll be utilizing the buddy system with her driver.