Quibi’s Demise and 9 Other Tech Stories That Defined 2020

Sean Burch
·1-min read

In a normal year, getting to 10 defining tech stories could be a bit of a chore. Not in 2020. Between the antitrust sword hanging over the heads of Google and Facebook, the streaming revolution shifting into overdrive, and the Trump-TikTok showdown, not a day went by this year, seemingly, without tech being front and center. Admittedly, it could almost be too much to keep up with: Has it really been eight months since Quibi launched, and two months since it shut down? Here’s a full recap of the tech stories that shaped 2020: Also Read: Is MGM Really for Sale or Just Testing the Market? Content moderation moves to center stage Facebook and Twitter have been increasingly focused on policing their platforms in recent years, but 2020 is the year content moderation moved front and center. Both companies started cracking down more on content they deemed unfit for their platforms, from Facebook banning all QAnon content to Twitter purging “harmful” tweets that question the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. This concerted effort to moderate content ultimately led to several run-ins with the president, with both social media giants adding warning labels and fact check notifications to his posts, starting midway...

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