Queensland Toddler Can't Hide Delight as She Experiences Rain for the First Time

A Queensland toddler couldn’t hide her excitement as she saw rain for the “first time” on January 7. Emma Sewell of Mallawa Station, near Moranbah in rural Queensland, filmed the reaction of 14-month-old Lacey as the region enjoyed some rainfall.

“We were playing inside,” Sewell told Storyful, “as it’s just too hot to be out in the 40+ degree temperatures that we’ve had consecutively for the last few weeks. Then suddenly we heard the beautiful sound of drops falling on our tin roof … as soon as I heard even a couple of raindrops we raced outside and that’s when the storm just came out of nowhere and hit!”

The sight, she said, was “absolute magic,” even if it did only last for 15 minutes. “It still gives you hope that decent rain will eventually come and relieve us of this horrible drought we are currently in. The joy it brought Lacey and our family as a whole to watch her play in the muddy puddles afterward was entertaining and just honestly refreshing mentally,” she said.

Sewell said the area had largely “lucky” to remain untouched by the bushfires which have plagued Australia in recent months, though Moranbah did have to deal with air quality warnings in November.

“I truly hope for all those animals and people affected that they get a good drenching real soon. Rain can do wonders for the soul,” she said. The footage of her daughter’s reaction to the downpour certainly backs up that point. Credit: Emma Sewell via Storyful