Queensland Swimmer Spots Perfectly Camouflaged Venomous Stonefish

A beachgoer spotted a highly venomous stonefish with immaculate camouflage at Queensland’s Bribie Island on January 6.

This footage, shot by Bianca Kristin, shows the fish resembling a rock floating in the waters around the island.

In a Facebook post, Kristin urged people to “keep an eye out as they camouflage so well.”

“I’m aware of them [because] being an Australian, I’ve been taught from a young age about them,” Kristin told Storyful.

According to the Museum of Tropical Queensland, stonefish are the most venomous fish in the world. People stung by stonefish can experience muscular paralysis, breathing difficulties, shock, and heart failure resulting in death. Credit: Bianca Kristin via Storyful