Queensland Snake Catcher Removes Carpet Pythons From Ceiling

A Queensland snake catcher removed two carpet pythons from the ceiling space of a home in Buderim on Wednesday, August 31, according to a post on the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page.

This footage shows catcher Stuart McKenzie carefully removing the two snakes, who had “scared the living daylights” out of an electrician who found them, he said.

McKenzie said, “These guys are most likely a breeding pair, and as we move more into the warmer months we are going to be seeing a lot of breeding couples and males fighting.” Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

- Two snakes, two snakes in a tricky position, apparently scared the living daylights out of the electrician or the plumber, I can't remember what he said he was. But either way, got a bit of a surprise and he needs to keep working and they're in the roads. So we're going to head over now, get him out of his hair. Pretty busy so far. A few snakes on the move.

- One is stuck his head up there.

- Over here.

- You see his head there?

- Yeah. Yeah.

- There's another one. There's definitely two. I don't know how many more. He's pretty big, that one stretched from here on that to pretty close to that.

- Not venomous, don't bite me on the face. Oh, there's one. Beautiful. Head down, buddy. Not coming back out of the back. Stay in there. All right. So the other one's right at the other end. Yeah, he's kind of just asleep up the other end. This might come down pretty easy. Is that OK?

- Yeah. Yeah. You got to reach it.


Want a hammer or something?

- No, that's all right. Looks like it's a decent size. Oh yeah. Another. Bring your head back. Bring your head back. Come on. No, no, no. Not be doing that tonight. Come on. There you go. Beautiful. Yeah. Another healthy snake, bit thicker than the other one, but similar length. They can go in together. I'm sure they're lovers. Hm. Oh, come on. Yeah, they can. Definitely can. There you go.

Snakes are very keen, they're both super keen to come out. All right, let's have a look, eh? Beautiful snakes. Most likely a male and a female. There we go. All right, you guys head this way into the bush, all right? Over here. We're going to take you a bit further over. Hanging out together, all right? There you go. Go the other way.