Queensland Resident Rails Against State Government's Coronavirus Border Rules While Stuck in Sydney

A Queensland resident expressed her outrage about the state’s coronavirus-related border rules which she said had prevented her from returning home from Sydney for at least 22 days.

Television presenter and emcee Shelley Horton traveled to Sydney for a three-day job. Horton needed a Queensland border pass and to do two weeks of quarantine in a hotel on return, which she had agreed to.

Horton, who is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, told Storyful her application had not yet been processed and was told it could take as much as six weeks for approval. In a video posted to Instagram, she said had lost work due to being stranded in Sydney.

“I recorded this video in Sydney yesterday because I needed to vent. I feel like the little people are not being listened to by the Queensland government,” Horton told Storyful. “I’m not breaking any rules, not jumping the queue, completely understand compassionate cases come before me but I just want to go home to Queensland.”

The processing of passes for returning Queensland residents was dependent on the capacity of the state government’s quarantine facilities, a Queensland government website said. Credit: Shelly Horton via Storyful

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