Queensland Resident Calls for Help After Spotting Snake Under Treadmill

A snake catcher was called to a house in Sippy Downs, Queensland, to remove a red-bellied black snake that a resident had found hiding underneath a treadmill.

Footage posted to Facebook on May 5 shows Stuart McKenzie of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers responding to a call from a homeowner who spotted the snake underneath the exercise machine.

Video shows McKenzie arrive at the home and safely capture the “juvenile” red-bellied black snake. The reptile had sought refuge under a music speaker after moving away from the treadmill.

McKenzie later released the snake into the wild. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

- Only 300 meters away from a home in Sippy Downs. Now, it must be in the little exercise room or the shed area or something where they've got a treadmill. And apparently, I don't know if the lady was on the treadmill or she just sort of walked in there, and she's actually seen a snake go underneath it. So we're heading over quickly and hopefully it's still there and we can catch it and relocate it elsewhere.

- I saw it, it was just behind that speaker and the kid's pram.

OK, all right. Oh, yes, some of these. All right. How heavy is this speaker? Pretty heavy, I think. Oh, hey, buddy. So it's a-- yeah, sort of a juvenile red belly. So it's only small. Which way are you going to go hunny? Are you going to in the bag? Here he is. Gorgeous little snake, they can't move very fast on tiles. But you don't belong here, off you go. Get in there. I can train one.

Perfect. all done. All right, here's our little friend, Mr. red belly, who was hiding underneath the speaker system in the lounge room. Hey, Bob, look at that little brown nose. Beautiful little snake. Hold on, let me put you down. There you go. Off he goes back in the bush.

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