Queensland Police Rescue Men and Dogs From Flood

Police rescued two men and three dogs from a van caught by floodwater in Morwincha on May 12, as seen in bodycam footage released by the Queensland Police Service.

Queensland Police said a van had been swept off by floodwater and wedged against a tree. Police waded 100 meters through the flood and brought the passengers and pets to safety. One of the passengers was an elderly man who was carried on the back of an officer, police said.

No one was seriously injured and the dogs were being cared for by police. Credit: Queensland Police Service via Storyful

Video transcript


- Just stay there.

- All right.

- 3 dogs?


- All right, buddy. Mate, we're going to have to get you to put the dogs right in the back, so we can get them out. And we're going to do this quick because the water's coming up.


- Sir, we got to go, buddy.

That's it. That's it, buddy. Slide over. That's it, buddy. Keep coming. Keep coming to me. You're good.

- Get the dogs.

- You're all good. I'll get the dogs.

- You come with me, sir. We'll get the dogs.

- That's it, buddy. Keep coming. That's it.

- I'll give you a piggyback.

- Good work.

- Jump on.

- All right. Ready? 3, 2, 1, up.

Come on, pup. Come on, pup. Come on. Come on. Come on, pup. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. I got you. Come on, pup. Come on, pup. Come on. You got the [INAUDIBLE] Come on.

- You all right?

- Hey, come this way.

- Come on.

- Come on. Come on. We don't have all day. Come on, puppy. You want to mess? You want to mess?



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