Queensland Family Discovers Python Eating Bird Outside Home

A Queensland family happened upon a python feasting on a bird outside their home in Cooloola Cove, posting footage of the scene to Facebook on January 31.

The footage, by Joanne McCulkin, shows the snake beginning to swallow its constricted victim, just yards from the family home.

“We noticed the commotion in the bush just at the end of our front deck, and realised that the python was strangling a dove in order to then eat it,” McCulkin told Storyful.

“My husband and I used to be outback tour guides and love wildlife, so this sort of thing fascinates us, though we have certainly never seen anything like this happen before in real life,” she said.

The entire process took almost a full hour, according to McCulkin, who said she was pleased that the snake was “so busy trying to eat the dove that he wasn’t too bothered by me”.

She added, “We were able to measure him to be about 2.2-2.3 metres long. We have seen this python around here a number of times before, but seeing his meal time was amazing.” Credit: Joanne McCulkin via Storyful