Queensland Catcher Removes Eastern Brown Snake From Inside Couch

A Sunshine Coast living room was left in a bit of a heap recently, after snake catcher Stuart McKenzie was called to remove an eastern brown snake from inside a couch in the suburb of Sippy Downs.

McKenzie said he was called out after a young girl had seen the snake cruising around the living room.

After arriving to the house and struggling to locate the snake, McKenzie “pulled the lever of the couch leg rest and the snake fell out from inside,” he said. “It disappeared up into the couch again and we couldn’t find it anywhere.”

This footage, posted to Facebook on December 16, shows McKenzie cutting into the base fabric of the couch to try and locate the snake. “We eventually found it and [were] able to bag it up and relocate it elsewhere,” he said. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

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