Queensland Catcher Frees 'Beautiful' Tree Snake Tangled in Bird Netting

A snake catcher in Queensland recently came to the aid of a common tree snake that had become stuck in bird netting at a Sunshine Coast home.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted video to Facebook on November 1 showing him using a scissors to cut the snake free from the netting it was tangled in at a house in Buderim.

The tree snake, which McKenzie can be heard describing as “beautiful”, was then released back into the bush. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENZIE: Just got off the phone with actually one of our friends, who has got a snake stuck in netting. And luckily, we don't live too far away. And we're in the car already, so we're only 2:00 minutes out. And, hopefully, we'll be able to cut it out. She's not sure what it is. But we're hoping maybe just a tree snake or a python. Where are you stuck? Where are you? OK, stay up here. It's an open spot.

- It's a big chunk, yeah?

STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah. I still don't know-- OK. Can't get me fat fingers in the scissors. There you go. That's all good. He knows he's almost free. You're all right, buddy.


- Even the dog is ready for that--

STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah. So you see how he like-- he can push his head through.

- Yeah.

STUART MCKENZIE: And then he gets to the thick part, and the rest of it doesn't fit. So that's what happens when they-- when snakes get in netting, they get a little bit in. And they're like, yeah, I can get through here. And they just make it worse. And then they start rolling around and panicking.


- I was like, I don't really know what he is.

STUART MCKENZIE: [LAUGHS] He's pretty, though, nice colors. That's right. Beautiful. He's pretty.

- You're free, mate.

STUART MCKENZIE: Hey. No, he's fine. He will be fine.

- All right.

STUART MCKENZIE: Yeah, we're going to take him down the road and put him in the bush. Excellent. There's your scissors back.

- Oh, thanks.

STUART MCKENZIE: Thank you for that.


Go ahead and bring the snake bag?

- Yeah, just over there.

STUART MCKENZIE: All right. [INAUDIBLE]. All right. Hey, get in. Beautiful.

- Well done.

STUART MCKENZIE: Excellent. Look at this beautiful tree snake we just rescued out of the netting. As you can see, he's in good nick. I think he'd only just gone in there. Could be an older snake. He's a decent size for a tree snake. They get a bit bigger. But I'm going to watch him shoot off into the bush.