Queens Night Market showcases NYC's diversity

STORY: “This night market is the best thing ever.”

Location: New York

The Queens Night Market features nearly 100 vendors

selling food, art and merchandise

From Japanese ramen to Jamaican jerk chicken

visitors can savor dishes from around the world

(Chef and owner, Twisted Potato, Ronald Lin):“It’s a popular street food like, all around the world. It started in South Korea and it’s just taken off.”

Since its debut in 2015, the market has attracted around 2 million visitors

and helped launch more than 300 new businesses in NYC

(Chef and owner, Indian BBQ, Rajeev Yerneni): “All the people who sell food are genuine immigrants who have their businesses. It’s like, the real thing.// All the people who come here are families, locals. They have a great time, there’s a concert. I love this market.”

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