Queen's funeral is biggest ever security test: London police

STORY: London’s police have been preparing for

their largest security operation ever

The Queen’s funeral

(Stuart Cundy, Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner)

"So this is the single largest protection operation that the Met Police has ever undertaken. We will have hundreds of world leaders and other senior figures here in London on Monday. We all are well versed with working with and engaging with leaders and their support teams from across the world. And that's what we will be doing next week to ensure this is a safe and a secure environment so people can remember the Queen, both at the state funeral and as the Queen leaves London and heads to Windsor."

Hundreds of thousands of people are

expected to flock to London’s streets

echoing other important events in Britain’s history

The force will be deploying its

largest ever number of officers

“We work closely with colleagues in the military from the government and many other organizations. And first and foremost, the priority for us, the Met Police, is to ensure that this is a safe and secure environment for people to attend the state funeral and for members of the public to pay their respects to remember the Queen."