Queen Elizabeth pressed Meghan Markle for opinion on Trump in 2016, book claims

Queen Elizabeth II put the future Duchess of Sussex on the spot at their first meeting by asking her opinion of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to Prince Harry’s new book, Spare.

Harry revealed his grandmother’s interest in Mr Trump while describing how the Duchess, then known as Meghan Markle, first encountered the late monarch during an impromptu meeting at Prince Andrew’s home, Royal Lodge. Harry had brought her there to meet Sarah, Duchess of York, because his then-girlfriend was already acquainted with her daughter, Princess Eugenie, and the Princess’ then-boyfriend (now-husband) Jack Brooksbank.

He described the first encounter between the late Queen and the future Duchess as “all very pleasant,” and noted that the meeting took place in late 2016, just before Mr Trump’s shocking victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Mr Trump was apparently on his grandmother’s mind, prompting her to ask the American actress her opinion of the future head of state.

“Granny even asked Meg what she thought of Donald Trump,” he wrote.

The Prince added that Meghan “thought politics a no-win game” and described how she deftly changed the subject to Canada, where she’d been living while filming the television show Suits.

In response, he said the late Queen “squinted” and replied to Meghan: “I thought you were American”.

The future Duchess replied: “I am, but I’ve been living in Canada for seven years for work”.

Harry said his future wife’s response appeared to have pleased his grandmother because Canada is part of the Commonwealth.

“Granny looked pleased. Commonwealth. Good, fine,” he wrote.

The late monarch would meet Mr Trump two years later when he came to the UK for his first visit there as the American head of state. The then-president raised some eyebrows by breaking royal protocol when he wandered in front of the Queen while reviewing troops outside Windsor Castle. He also appeared to fail to deliver a customary bow when the two first met earlier that day.

A spokesperson for the ex-president did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Independent.