Qualities That Make Low-Rise Housing Highly Attractive to Homebuyers

Qualities That Make Low-Rise Housing Highly Attractive to Homebuyers
Qualities That Make Low-Rise Housing Highly Attractive to Homebuyers

“There’s no place like home.”

In the classic film The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy uttered this timeless line of dialogue as she was about to return home. It’s worth noting that Dorothy didn’t live in a high-rise condo but a modest one-room house in Kansas.

Arguably, if Dorothy had lived in a high-rise, she would have longed to return it too after her eventful trip to Oz. But her sentiments seem more fitting in reference to returning to a cosy landed house, not a skyscraper.

If you’re looking for a new place to call home, choosing a low-rise residential building offers numerous benefits that will move you and your family to say, “There’s no place like home.”

Note: The properties cited in this article have won awards at the PropertyGuru Asia Awards Malaysia 2022


Many people prefer residential areas with a low population density because they associate it with quiet living. And with social distancing becoming a foundational policy during the pandemic, many people have become inclined to think of low-density housing as highly ideal.

So, if your idea of a “home sweet home” is one that’s located in a serene environment with fewer population than those found in many central locations and CBDs, Sime Darby Property Berhad’s The Serenade (Winner, Best High End Low Rise Development – Central) is worth a look. It comprises low-rise residential buildings only 4–8 storeys high, guaranteeing privacy and exclusivity to homeowners.

Situated in Subang Jaya, the project is a residential block that will offer residents more intimate spaces, greenery, and an array of amenities like an Olympic-size pool, tennis courts, a gym, and a yoga studio.

Better equipped to handle emergency situations

Natural calamities like fire and earthquake can happen at any time, and when they do, you would naturally bring yourself and your loved ones to safety. And in emergency situations, escaping to safety tends to be easier when you reside in a low-rise.

The Woodlands (Winner, Best Luxury Landed Development – Southern) by Horizon Hills Development Sdn Bhd is a residential project that greatly accounts for families’ need for a safe, healthy, and fulfilling environment. It has two- and three-storey bungalows that are surrounded by green spaces, with thoughtfully designed units that have private elevators and safety features like panic buttons.

These luxury living spaces are complemented by access to a golf course, reflexology paths, and cycling lanes. No one likes to wait or get stuck in elevators, and in a low-rise residence, that is unlikely to be an issue.

Offers the best of both worlds

Many homebuyers are drawn to the promise of breathtaking views from a unit on a high floor of a residential tower. Low-rise residences may not offer majestic views, but being closer to the ground has its own perks.

There are homeowners who actually prefer the relatively greater convenience of living in a low-rise but, at the same time, want the amenities and features typically found in many high-rise condos. They want a house in a safely gated community and have easy access to shared amenities and facilities. This is one of the reasons One East (Winner, Best Low Rise Architectural Design; Best Smart Home Development) by CK East Group will capture the fancy of homebuyers who want a comfortable middle ground.

In One East, there will be more than one type of housing; there are two-story residences, villas, suites, and condominiums. There is also an assortment of amenities in this Petaling Jaya project, including an infinity pool and gym.

Conducive to social activity and community building

People are social beings. Although we generally value privacy and have mastered the art of physical distancing, socialising and entertaining guests at one’s abode remain essential to daily life. And living in a low-rise apartment is clearly more conducive to social activity. Fostering a sense of community in one’s neighbourhood is just easier to do when you live in a low-rise community as there are fewer people with whom to get acquainted.

Highly accessible

Lastly, living in a low-rise apartment means you get quick access to your daily destinations, like the office, market, school, place of worship, or park. If you’re buying a home for your family, you are assured of a hassle-free experience as you go about your daily lives. Living in a property like Taman Tualang Sekah Fasa 2 (Winner, Best Mass Market Landed Development – Northern) gives you that advantage and more. Mimbar Nusantara Holdings Sdn Bhd’s development project is conveniently accessible as it provides access to the North-South Expressway.

Besides being conveniently close to a major thoroughfare, the property is also a self-sustaining community that will give future residents more reasons to enjoy home. They will also get to enjoy facilities like bicycle lanes, walkways, a food court, a multifunction hall, and a library.