Prince William subtly hits back at Michael Sheen in World Cup row

Prince William has said he will support both England and Wales in the Qatar World Cup.

During a recent visit to the Welsh Parliament, the Prince of Wales told Elin Jones, Llywydd of the Senedd that he will support “both” teams in Fifa 2022, which begins on 20 November.

“I’m telling everyone I’m supporting both, definitely. I can’t lose,” William said (via The Herald).

“I’ve supported England since I’ve been quite small, but I support Welsh rugby and that’s my kind of way of doing it. I happily support Wales over England in the rugby.”

William’s remarks come shortly after Michael Sheen criticised him for handing out shirts to the Three Lions during a surprise visit.

On Monday (14 November), the England World Cup team tweeted a video of William giving the team a royal send-off.

“He can, of course, support whoever he likes and as Pres of FA his role makes visit understandable – but surely he sees holding the title Prince of Wales at same time is entirely inappropriate?” Sheen responded.

“Not a shred of embarrassment? Or sensitivity to the problem here?”

The Welsh actor is deeply patriotic and has been vocal in his criticism of the Royals. He is also a fierce supporter of the Wales national football team, who are scheduled to face the US national soccer team on 21 November in the first round of the World Cup.

In September, Sheen denounced King Charles for visiting Wales on Owain Glyndwr Day, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

England is set to play Iran in their first round that same day.

This year’s World Cup will begin on 20 November, with the final match set to take place on 18 December.