Qantas forecasts leap in domestic sales

Australia's largest airline Qantas said on Wednesday they are expecting a boost in domestic travel next financial year.

Australia has had very few COVID-19 cases and despite state border closings over small outbreaks, the airline has had a rise in demand for flights after being hobbled for months.

Now, Qantas has raised its forecast for April to June after a rise in strong demand.

Airline CEO Alan Joyce:

"So we're saying the spirit of Australia's back. Qantas is coming back. It's waking up and it's getting its people active again and this is a really good day for the Qantas group.

Before the pandemic, Qantas relied on its domestic business and loyalty division for the bulk of its profits.

With the exception of travel to New Zealand, the carrier's international business will be grounded until Oct. 31