QAnon Supporters Await JFK Jr on Grassy Knoll in Dallas

QAnon supporters thronged the Grassy Knoll in Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday, November 2, awaiting the return of John F Kennedy Jr, who died in a plane crash in 1999 but whom they believe is alive and will help reinstate Donald Trump as president.

According to the Dallas Morning News, several hundred people were gathered in Dealey Plaza Tuesday afternoon at the site of the 1963 assassination of Kennedy Jr’s father.

Theories that have circulated among QAnon followers include that JFK Jr is Q, leader of QAnon, or that he has been in hiding for the last 22 years and will return to join Donald Trump and help run the White House.

According to NBC News reporter Ben Collins, who has closely followed the movement over several years, the theory that Kennedy Jr is alive is unusual even among QAnon followers. “Most QAnon followers take its ostensible prophet, Q, at his word. Q has explicitly told his followers JFK Jr. is not alive,” Collins tweeted, sharing a screenshot of Q’s purported message. Credit: Jeremy Babineaux via Storyful

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