Python Shows Snake Catcher Its 'Incredible' Climbing Technique

A python showed off its “incredible” tree-climbing technique in the presence of a snake catcher recently, who happened upon it in the bush as he was releasing his catch.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted this footage to Facebook, which first shows him capturing a small snake at a local property.

After releasing the snake, McKenzie then spots a python climbing up the trunk of a tree. “Their technique is incredible and seem to do it so easily,” he said. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENZIE: At a business here in [INAUDIBLE]. They've got a brown-colored snake on the move. [INAUDIBLE]

- Well, we're giving people heart attacks, though.

- He didn't go anywhere.

- Nah, he didn't.

STUART MCKENZIE: But yeah, so it's a beautiful Cuba, a very healthy one. They're non-venomous. But yeah, it certainly looks like a brown snake. This is an older one. I snuck up on you for no reason, mate. You weren't going anywhere. Look at the tongue flicking. He's seeing what's going on. In the bag for you, buddy. All right, mister keelback. Yeah, there's plenty of [INAUDIBLE] around where that business was. We've only taken him just a short distance. They're happy for him to be relocated nearby.

Just because where he was sitting on top of the steps wasn't ideal. I thought that was another snake moving nearby. We've seen other snakes at relief spots. That's for sure, but beautiful snake. You can see how they get mistaken for a brown snake. They're basically brown all over. But these cane toad eaters are very important in the ecosystem. We'll let him go. Off you go. Plenty of frogs around here for you.