Python removed after infiltrating cage and eating 'hundreds' of birds in Indonesia

A 3-metre-long python was removed from a wall in Padang, Indonesia, after the reptile infiltrated a cage and ate "hundreds" of birds. Footage from April 27 shows locals removing the snake from a gap in the walls of a bird cage. The owner became suspicious after the number of his birds kept decreasing. He said: "I wondered why my pigeons keep decreasing from hundreds of birds, now only 15 are left, when I checked, I saw a large python hanging and I asked local residents to help evacuate it." Snake rescuer Rian said: "At first the snake disappeared and was found between the hollow walls and finally we destroyed the walls and we evacuated the reptile." Once removed, the python was handed over to the West Sumatran Animal Management Agency to be quarantined and released into the nearest forest.