Python found with 13 eggs nesting under old mattress in family's back garden

A python and her 13 eggs were relocated after she built a lair under piles of rubbish in a family's back garden in Thailand.

Somdej Iam-prick, 62, had hired a gardener to trim his grass at his home in Chachoengsao province on May 3, when they both found the python’s den.

The pair were terrified when they noticed the 12ft long snake coiled around her eggs hidden under an old mattress.

The gardener quickly put the mattress back down and called the local rescuers to capture the snake.

The team arrived later in the evening and hooked a rope to the python’s head before placing it in a sack.

After inspecting the eggs, they saw that some of the eggs had started to hatch. The rescuers said they will release the python back in the wild, along with her eggs.