Putin threatens 'response' to Ukraine’s incursion into Belgorod and Kursk oblasts

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has claimed that the raids on Belgorod and Kursk oblasts by pro-Ukrainian Russian volunteer regiments are meant to “disrupt Russian elections,” vowing a “response,” Russia’s state news agency TASS reported on March 15.

Putin made the comments during a meeting of Russia's Security Council. He described the incursion as a "criminal act." The dictator also falsely asserted that "about 95% of [incoming Ukrainian] missiles and shells are destroyed by air defense systems."

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Meanwhile, in recent days, Russian territory has been under intense drone attacks, with several strikes recorded on industrial infrastructure. According to Bloomberg, Ukrainian drone attacks on March 12-13 have affected 12% of Russia's oil refining capacity.

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On March 12, pro-Ukrainian Russian volunteer units Freedom of Russia Legion (FRL), Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC), and the Siberian Battalion announced another raid into Russian territory, describing it as an operation to "liberate the Russian Federation from dictatorship."

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