Putin: Russia not lost anything over Ukraine

STORY: Russia is gaining - not losing - from the conflict in Ukraine, according to President Vladimir Putin, because it is putting Russia on a new path to restore its global clout.

"I am sure that we have not lost anything and will not lose anything.”

“I want to say again - it is often said, I can see, which is absolutely right - we didn't start anything in terms of military actions, we are only trying to put an end to them.”

Putin was speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum in the Russian city of Vladivostok. He did however acknowledge that the conflict had unleashed a - quote - “certain polarization” in both the world and in Russia.

For civilians in Kharkiv, which was hit by shelling on Wednesday, there are no gains, only losses.

This woman showed Reuters what remained of the sewing workshop where she used to work.

Everything is ruined, she said.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials remain guarded over how their military's counter-offensive in the country’s south is faring.

But they have reported steady success in the Kherson region.

A video released on social media on Monday (September 5) was said to show a Ukrainian soldier raising his country’s flag in Vysokopillya, located in the Kherson region, that had reportedly been retaken by Ukrainian forces.

Reuters was not able to verify the date the video was filmed.

Russia says it has repelled an assault in the south and has not reported any territorial losses.

However, an official with the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, which is pro-Moscow, said there was fighting in Balakliia - a town located between Kharkiv and Russian-held Izyum.

Adding that if the town were lost, Russian forces in Izyum would become vulnerable.

Reuters was unable to independently verify any battlefield reports.