Putin would have attacked NATO if Ukraine fell, German intel chief says

Bruno Kahl
Bruno Kahl

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin would have been prepared to attack NATO countries if Ukraine surrendered to the February 2022 invasion, German Federal Intelligence Service head Bruno Kahl said on Jan. 26, as reported by German outlet Unternehmen-Heute.

Kahl said that Russia's ambitions would not have been satisfied with Ukraine alone; NATO countries were likely next on its list.

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“If Ukraine were forced to surrender, that would not satisfy Russia's hunger for power,” said Kahl.

He continued by suggesting that without the West showing a clear readiness to defend itself, Putin would have no reason not to attack NATO members.

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Kahl also questioned narratives about Putin losing domestic support in Russia.

"Putin is firmly in the saddle; even if he were to fall out of a window or suffer an accident, there would be plenty of people who think the same way he does and would pursue the same policies," the spy chief said.

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Kahl clarified that there are no signs of an immediate change in Russia’s political situation, such as through democratically legitimized forces.

On Jan. 23, German newspaper Bild, citing intelligence sources, reported that Russia may attempt to attack Europe towards the end of 2024 or early 2025, when the United States could be paralyzed by a chaotic presidential election.

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