Put It There! Diver Delights as Seal 'Buddy' Holds His Hand

A diver who regularly swims with seals in waters off the Farne Islands, close to England’s northeast coast, shared footage of one of his underwater “buddies” holding his hand on June 19.

Ben Burville, a scuba diver who works as a doctor in the coastal town of Amble, Northumberland, by day, has built up a rapport with seals in the area after nearly 20 years diving among them.

In the June 19 video posted to Twitter, he beckons a seal toward him and (after a quick check by the seal that there isn’t any food in Burville’s hand), the marine mammal rests its flipper in Burville’s right hand, with the seal later getting a chin scratch as a bonus. Credit: Ben Burville via Storyful