‘Pure exploitation’: Dana White’s Power Slap League slammed by neurologists

Dana White has claimed the Power Slap League is ‘the ultimate test of toughness’  (Getty Images)
Dana White has claimed the Power Slap League is ‘the ultimate test of toughness’ (Getty Images)

Dana White’s Power Slap League has been slammed as “pure exploitation” after clips from the controversial competition went viral on social media.

The UFC president has helped launch the controversial TV show, where competitors take turns to slap their opponents in the face with open-palms, but its release this week has been met with criticism from fans and neurologists.

Competitors are not allowed to flinch when receiving a slap - leading to claims that they are defenceless. White has called the competition, which has been licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, as “the ultimate test of toughness.”

But neurologist Chris Nowinski, who is a former wrestler and CEO of Concussion Legacy Foundation, highlighted an example of a competitor who may “never be the same” after footage appeared to show him showing immediate signs of a significant head injury.

“This is so sad,” Nowinski tweeted. “Note the fencing posture with the first brain injury. He may never be the same.”

Tagging White and the Power Slap League, Nowinski added: “You should be ashamed. Pure exploitation. What’s next, ‘Who can survive a stabbing?’”

White was involved in further controversy last week after he took to Twitter to promote the Power Slap League television show just days after he was filmed slapping his wife on New Year’s Eve.

White, 53, was seen striking his wife of 27 years, Anne, twice in a nightclub in Mexico after she had slapped him.

White apologised for his actions while his wife insisted that his behaviour was “out of character” and that “nothing like this has ever happened before”.