Pups enjoy the UAE's first indoor dog gym

STORY: Welcome to the UAE’s first indoor gym for dogs

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

(Mansour Al-Hammadi, Posh Pets owner)

"The idea was to provide a healthy gym for all kinds of dogs. In the last couple of years, the Emirates have become a role model for the GCC with regards to hosting pets in the house. I am one of those people who own a dog. My struggle was during the summer time - finding a good environment for them to exercise."

The gym boasts treadmills designed specifically for dogs

(Mohammed Hamid Bilbeisi, Customer)

"The dog gets so excited, the minute he leaves the car, he recognizes the place and starts going towards it, he feels comfortable here."

(Hani Jaafar, Customer)

"My friends told me about this very nice place, where my dog can have a nice activity without being hit by the sun, without having any distractions, just a place especially for dogs. That was the main reason we came here, he can do his running, even jogging or walking on the treadmill based upon his normal walk, there’s no one pushing him to do it, so actually it was a very good exercise."

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