Puppy Wearing Bow Tie Serves as Ring Bearer at Owners' Wedding

A sprocker spaniel fulfilled a very important task at his owners’ wedding on February 14 — carrying the wedding rings down the aisle.

The bride, Freya Wileman, shared a video of the treasured moment on her Facebook page, as she reminisced her big day at Doncaster, England.

“One of my favorite moments of the day, Copper bringing the rings down the aisle. Wouldn’t have done it without him there,” Wileman wrote on Facebook.

The video shows Copper excitedly trotting down the aisle with the wedding rings attached to his bow tie. The groom, Josh Wileman, receives the rings as the wedding guests clap with excitement.

Wileman told Storyful Copper “stuck around for photos after the ceremony” before heading home with his dog sitter. Credit: Freya Wileman via Storyful