Puppy Takes Horse on a Walk at Queensland Cattle Farm

A puppy at an Australian cattle farm was captured trying to take a resident horse on a walk in video taken by the animals’ owner.

Recorded by Lauren Mackinnon at her 13,500 acre farm in May Downs, Queensland, the video shows 10-week-old PJ snatching a rope tethered to Campy, a 20-year-old gelding, and energetically leading him away.

Speaking to Storyful, Mackinnon said that she was giving Campy a wash when PJ decided it was enough and time to play, with Campy gamely following his tiny friend’s lead.

“I am always videotaping our animals [because] they are just so funny … it really brings us back to appreciate the little things in life,” Mackinnon said. Credit: Lauren Mackinnon via Storyful

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