New Puppy Keeps Grandpa Active While Recovering From Third Knee Replacement

A Texas grandpa is being kept active with his brand new puppy while recovering from his third knee replacement surgery, as shown in a heartwarming video shared to TikTok on February 10.

Footage filmed by grandson Karmell Joseph shows the sweet interaction between his grandpa and a high-energy puppy named Roscoe earlier this month.

Joseph told Storyful that his 81-year-old grandpa Walter Ross and his wife Sandra were given the puppy, which is a cross between a miniature dachshund and a Chihuahua, by a family member.

“Roscoe is keeping Papa Ross active and is helping him move around to recover quickly, so he can get back to the things he loves,” Joseph said.

Joseph told Storyful these things include “golfing, dancing, and spending time with his family.”

“Papa Ross is also a cancer survivor and has recently had brain surgery as well, but he does not let that stop him from living his best life,” he said. Credit: Karmell Joseph via Storyful

Video transcript


- All right, go do your business. Oh, sure. Come here. You got to use the bathroom like a big dog

- Look at Papa walking Roscoe. Hey, Roscoe. Hey, Roscoe.

- He just used-- he just-- he just did a number one.

- OK.

- Yeah. So when you-- can you put him in his room and close the door?

- Yeah.