Puppy Enjoys 'First Snowstorm' in Bozeman, Montana

A one-year-old puppy named Louie experienced her first snowstorm with owner Whitney Bermes on Monday, October 11, a few months after Bermes adopted her in Bozeman, Montana.

Bermes announced in March that she adopted Louie on St Patrick’s Day, when the dog was six months old. “She LOVES people & has already brought me immeasurable joy in the 24 hours I’ve had her,” Bermes tweeted on March 18.

A month later, Bermes gave an update, saying it had been “the happiest month” she could remember. “Adopting Louie was the best decision I have ever made,” she wrote.

In the months that followed, Bermes and Louie shared many adventures, hiking and swimming in the area, and even completing a 5-kilometer fundraising run in support of Stafford Animal Shelter, from which Louie was adopted, according to Bermes. Credit: Whitney Bermes via Storyful

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