'This pup barks for change!' Dog supports Black Lives Matter with sign

This dog has gone viral for supporting a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Linden, Pennsylvania.

Uplifting footage shows the fluffy dog leaning on a windowsill and its owner displaying a sign which says: "This pup barks 4 change."

The marching crowd then erupts in cheers on June 4.

Christina Forza, the filmer and one of the demonstrators told Newsflare: "I filmed the video during a peaceful protest downtown. The dog popped out of the window, the owner held a sign that supported human rights, and everyone cheered. It was a really nice moment to see and capture. Good vibes."

The supportive dog, named Potato, received a lot of love and 2.1 million likes after Christina (@christinavpro) shared her clip on TikTok.