PU Riz confirms plans to bring Neelofa and son to Saudi Arabia

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7 Jun – PU Riz recently confirmed that he and former actress wife Neelofa will be travelling to Saudi Arabia in the near future.

The celebrity preacher, real name Muhammad Haris Ismail, addressed the previous statement made by his entrepreneur wife about their overseas plan, saying that he would like to bring Neelofa and their son Bilal to Madinah when he goes there to continue his studies.

"Actually, we have made that plan when we first got married. But when she got pregnant, we had to make some changes. Praise be to God, our baby is born and is healthy, so it's just a matter of waiting for him to grow up a bit more. The soonest might be early next year," he said.

PU Riz stated that he plans to further his studies at the University of Madinah, though he has yet to confirm what course he'd take.

"At the same time, my wife will be taking a language course on Arabic, focusing on daily conversations. Hopefully by the time we're back in Malaysia, she's already able to speak in Arabic," he added.

Earlier this week, Neelofa revealed that she plans to follow her husband to the Middle East, saying that she would like to expose their son Bilal to a new environment.

Neelofa spoke about going to Saudi Arabia in an interview recently
Neelofa spoke about going to Saudi Arabia in an interview recently

(Photo Source: Neelofa Instagram, Haris Ismail Instagram)