PU Abu blames social media users for stressing out his ex-wife during her pregnancy

Mark Ryan Raj
PU Abu felt sad when he was blamed for stressing out his ex-wife and said that harsh comments from social media users were the real reason for her emotional state. ― Picture via Instagram/ puabu.official & ainafini_

PETALING JAYA, May 24 ― PU Abu has shifted the blame onto social media users after reports suggested that he was the reason for his ex-wife’s complications during her pregnancy.

Last week, Ain Afini Latif, PU Abu’s ex-wife said that a doctor’s examination revealed that the high-stress levels she was experiencing, resulted in her baby being inactive in her womb.

Mohd Abu Sufyan a.k.a. PU Abu bore the brunt of the blame from social media users after they claimed that his actions, which led to their divorce, were the reason for his ex-wife’s and child’s condition.

Malay news portal mStar reported that he felt sad that he was being criticised for the complications in Ain’s pregnancy, and blamed social media users instead for making his wife feel tense.

“I PM-ed (private message) Ain and she told me that I was not the reason that our baby was not active in the womb,” said PU Abu.

Instead, he claims that she felt stressed because of the criticism and condemnation she faced from social media users, and that the incident of their baby “not moving” actually happened two days before they had gone to court for their divorce proceedings.

“Inactive babies are common amongst pregnant mothers, it’s not because I ‘dragged’ her to court, but the condemning comments about her instead (that stressed her out),” he added.

The 25-year-old has received plenty of criticism and lost many friends in the past month after a controversy surfaced involving him with a woman known as Hana Azraa, who Ain claims was the reason for their divorce.

mStar also reported that he did not blame his friends for turning their backs on him because he feels that it will help him mature as a person.

“I have no problems with my friends, and I don’t blame them either. I understand that they are reacting based on what they have seen and heard.

“I take all their criticism as a form of advice for me to become a better person,” he said.

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