PSA: Unicorn Overlord's Sellswords Make Leveling A Breeze

Image: Atlus
Image: Atlus

In Unicorn Overlord, Vanillaware’s tactical RPG, players are tasked with building an army to take back the Kingdom of Cornia from an evil emperor. This gargantuan task takes tens of hours to complete, during which you must fight your way through multiple kingdoms, facing progressively difficult battles with more powerful enemies. Beating the game takes a combination of strategic skill and leveling up enough so that you stand a chance. Or, you could just use the Sellsword class and power level in a matter of minutes thanks to a newly discovered exploit.

Every class in Unicorn Overlord has access to Valor Skills. These are special abilities that consume Valor Points but allow for things like boosting damage, raining down arrows on enemies, and healing allies. The Sellsword class has access to the Valor Skill “Summon Warriors,” which summons an allied unit of mercenaries to the battlefield. This is where the exploit lies. As discovered by @fromforestgreen on X (formerly Twitter) the allied units that “Summon Warriors” call to the battlefield level in a strange way. You see, every battle in Unicorn Overlord has a numerical battle level that dictates how difficult it will be—the higher the number, the tougher the battle. That number doesn’t scale with players, but is predetermined in the game, so you could choose to enter a level 40 battle right out of the gate if you so desire—you’ll just likely get defeated in seconds.

When using “Summon Warriors” the level of the summoned unit is determined by the battle level. That alone isn’t an exploit for leveling, as these high level units are temporary and disappear from your army once a battle is over. But, if you enter the battle with a Sellsword, or multiple Sellswords (the easiest of which to find is Berenice), then something fun happens. By using the high-level allied units to chip down the health of powerful enemy units, players can then finish off enemies with one of their main underleveled units. This will then grant them an absurd amount of experience, and rapidly level them. According to @fromforestgreen, this tactic has led to characters gaining close to twenty levels in the course of one unit clash. If done properly a player could effectively level their units to endgame power in one battle.

Players using this tactic do need to be conscious of having enough resources to replenish Valor Points and Stamina. Valor Points are necessary to summon the allied units and if an allied unit runs out of Stamina they will leave the battlefield. Due to the way Unicorn Overlord is structured, doing this rapid leveling could lead to a speedrun of the game, since player’s can enter the final battle of the game after beating the level 40 battle in Cornia blocking the capital city. With that knowledge, you can feel free to break the game using the Sellsword exploit but of course much of the joy of playing Unicorn Overlord comes in the tactical challenge of facing down and outsmarting your enemy.

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